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Joint Venture with a Local Partner

A Cooperative Joint Venture (CJV) is a joint venture between a local partner and a foreign company within the territory of China.
This joint venture is based on a cooperative joint venture contract in which matters like the terms of cooperation, the division of earnings, the ownership of property upon the termination of the contract term of the CJV, etc are laid down.

Currently ODM is advertising to help companies looking to buy direct from China.  Either station a staff from your country to work with us in China or employ a dedicated staff from our team to work for you full time.

ODM your dedicated partner for setting up operations in China

The ODM Group can help make introductions or provide staff, land use rights and factory buildings, while the foreign company brings in the necessary technology and key equipment, as well as capital.
As your dedicated partner, The ODM Group will shelter partners under our umbrella with services such as pre-trained staffs, office and all other resources. Profits in a cooperative venture are divided according to the terms of the cooperative venture contract, allowing a more flexible schedule for return on investment.
In a partnership, companies can offer greater flexibility in the structuring of a cooperative venture is also permissible including the structure of the organization, management, and assets.
The term of the cooperative venture contract may be renewed subject to the consent of both parties involved and approval from the examination and approval authorities.
Because of the unique privileges and added features offered to the Our Partner in a cooperative venture, trade unions must be allowed to represent the employees in employment matters to protect the interests of the employees.
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