China Factory Visit – Buyer Diary #35

Recently, a staff from ODM paid a visit to a factory in Dong Guan. The purpose of the trip was to perform a check on the progress of an ongoing project for a collector's edition poly resin box. During the factory visit, the staff was given a tour of the factory and was able to have a glimpse of the production process.

Large Scale Production

Automated Production
Staff Managing the Station
The first production facility that the staff visited during the factory visit was the facility for large-scale production. In this facility, production is highly automated through the use of machines. At the beginning of the production process, the machines will create the basic body of the product from the production mould. At each station, a factory staff is stationed there to manage the machine and to check on the goods produced. The staff is also to conduct a basic level quality check for any visible flaws on the product.

Printing Station in the Factory
Following this, the manufactured items are collected and delivered to another department for the printing. The factory has developed a special technique to print on the design of the product while achieving the same desired painted effect. This eliminates the need for spray painting, which speeds up the production process. The machine also has a built-in quality check mechanism where it will reject the goods that are not of good quality.

Quality Control Centre
After printing the details onto the product, the finished goods are taken to the quality control department where they go through another round of stringent checks. This shows that the factory emphasizes heavily and producing quality products. 

Packing into Individual Packages 
Packing into Cartons
Once the goods have passed the final quality check, they will either be packaged into large cartons or packed individually as per customer requests.

Poly Resin Production

In addition to doing large production orders, this factory also has a separate facility for orders that require more attention to detail. This department mainly deals with items that are made out of poly resin and our ODM staff managed to understand the process bette through the factory visit.
Creating Poly Resin Items from the Mould
After the poly resin figure is removed from the mould, the figure may have rough edges and some holes in them. Thus the staff in this department will inspect the figures individually and take corrective action to fix the flaws.

Sanding the Poly Resin Product

At the factory, we saw the factory staff carrying out different techniques to perfect the figures. These techniques include buffering, using sand paper, filing etc.

Painting of Poly Resin Products
After the problems in the figurine have been fixed, it will be passed on to the painting department. The colors are painted onto the figurine by hand, color by color. This is a long and tedious process thus such these items tend to be more expensive.